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Brand Resources

University Communications is responsible for protecting and promoting the UC San Diego brand. The university’s brand is our visual identity (logos, typography, color, etc.), as well as what we represent and the emotional connection that an individual has with our campus. What we present to the world — the way we talk about ourselves, the quality and consistency of marketing materials, and our associations with other individuals, companies or products — all contributes to the overall perception of UC San Diego as a world-class academic research institution, and as such, is closely managed.

UC San Diego Brand Guidelines

When we use consistent brand elements, and sing the same song, we tell a stronger UC San Diego story. Our brand guidelines are a resource for campus marketing and communications professionals that provides the tools to effectively bring the UC San Diego brand to life.

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Permission for Use of the University Name

Use of the University of California San Diego name (and all related visual trademarks and logos) is strictly regulated and must be approved by the Chancellor or his designated representative (University Communications), per DA 0864. The following guidance is used to reach a decision to grant or withhold permission for use. For more detailed evaluation criteria, see policy 510-10.

Commercial Use

Approval to use the University of California name in a commercial context “shall not be given for any advertising listing the University as a user of any product or service, or as the source of research information on which a commercial program or publication is based.” In rare cases, approval may be granted for “institutional or goodwill advertising clearly regarded as being in the best interests of the University.”

Use by Individual Employees

As employees at one of the top public universities in the country, we are proud to be part of this community. You can — and should — share your affiliation with the campus when making a true and factual statement about your relationship or connection with or employment by the University of California San Diego. However, it is important that the use not imply any kind of support, endorsement, advancement or opposition by the university.

Request Use of Name

Should you wish to request permission to use the university’s name, please submit an official request for review to University Communications. We aim to respond with approval or requested changes within three business days of your in-person or e-mail request. For questions about the university’s use of name policy, please email

Submit Request for Use of Name

If your request has been approved, please make sure to visit the UC San Diego brand guidelines to ensure proper application.

Marketing Submission Form

To ensure the highest possible quality of our marketing materials, all campus academic and administrative departments are required to seek approval from University Communications for all marketing materials designed for external audiences as well as highly visible materials designed for internal audiences, such as banners and major event signage.

Submit Materials for Review