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The University Communications design and web teams offer multimedia design to campus departments on a recharge basis at $145 per hour. We can also consult with you to help develop strategic communication approaches, advise on use of the brand, and more.

Developing comprehensive campaigns—comprising advertising, websites, brochures and more—is our specialty. Not sure if you need a printed brochure, a brochure website or both? A consultation is a great first step to clarifying your design needs.

Print design

A printed piece—be it a brochure, invitation, advertisement or annual report —offers a physical presence that other mediums can’t. University Communications will help you find the correct format, message and design for your printed communications material, all while leveraging our in-depth understanding of the campus and the community. For the greatest impact, we can help you combine your printed material with other strategic communications. Contact us to discuss your project.

Electronic design

The web is a complex communication platform, with hundreds of media formats, delivery methods, social networks and viewing contexts. University Communications can help you evaluate the possibilities and find the format that’s right for your project. Whether you are promoting a single event or a creating departmental website, our electronic design team can put their knowledge to work for you.