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Marketing Channel Directory

UC San Diego is a dynamic community with a multitude of ways to connect with each other, from e-newsletters and social media to transit wraps and digital displays. We developed this directory to serve as a one-stop repository of campus communication channels to help you identify the best ways to get your message in front of your target audience. When used in conjunction with materials that reflect the strength and distinction of the UC San Diego brand, this tool will help you effectively engage your audience and achieve your marketing objectives. Refer to this directory to quickly navigate the available resources for promotion.

Need help getting started? Take a look at these sample marketing and communications plans for additional inspiration.

Marketing Channel Directory
The directory is available in Google Sheets. You must be logged in with your UC San Diego email address to access.

This directory is intended to serve as a reference tool. University Communications does not manage space availability; be sure to contact the channel manager to reserve space and receive instructions (file format, submission deadline, etc.) before finalizing your plans.

Note: This directory will be updated twice a year (January/August). If you manage, or are aware of, a promotional channel that is not included, please email with the relevant detail (channel type, channel owner, location, audience, etc.) and we will incorporate it into the directory as quickly as possible.