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Photography and Videography Services

The photographers and producers on our staff play a key role in building UC San Diego’s reputation and brand. In addition to supporting the core communication and public relations needs of the campus, University Communications offers photography and videography services to schools, divisions and departments as a recharge service.

General Campus Photography: Learning, Research and Campus Life

Keeping our media gallery up to date requires regularly refreshing our photos and videos. Some examples of the opportunities we’re always looking for include:

  • Learning and research environments, e.g., classrooms, tutoring sessions, labs, field work.
  • New or renovated campus spaces.
  • Unique or distinctive campus events or traditions.

If you know of an opportunity to capture great images of our campus and community, please complete our project request form to initiate a conversation.

Events and Portraits

University Communications offers limited event and portrait photography services. We do not offer portrait services for personal use. Event and portrait requests (for multiple individuals or for group shots) are considered based on availability and workload.

Other Photo and Video Productions

University Communications can produce brief news, informational or marketing videos. We can also conduct creative or documentary photo shoots. We work with subject matter advisers and communication officers from across campus to develop a creative concept, then we apply our technical and creative experience to create an engaging and illuminating end product.

Request Photo or Video Services

Recharge Rates

Photo and video production services are offered as recharge services to UC San Diego academic and administrative departments at a rate of $175 per hour.

Minimum Rates

Portrait Photography

A minimum charge of $350 (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) for individual headshots that includes:

  • Two hour(s) of travel, setup, photo shoot, editing and retouching for one subject.
  • Beyond two hours, all time will be billed at $175 per hour.
  • Two proximal locations (e.g., office and immediate outdoors).

Department portraits (for multiple individuals or for group shots) will be quoted based on the size of the group and other factors.

General Photography

Minimum charge of $525 (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) that includes:

  • Three hour(s) of travel, setup, photo shoot, editing and retouching for one subject. 
  • Beyond three hours, all time will be billed at $175 per hour.
  • Two proximal locations (e.g., event and nearby reception).

Contact for an estimate for additional subjects and locations or more complex shoots. After-hours shoots (on weekends or beginning before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. on weekdays) are subject to additional fees.

General Event Videography

Minimum charge of $750 (8 am-4:30pm) that includes:

  • Three hours of travel, setup, location production and basic editing.
  • Beyond three hours, time will be billed at $175 per hour per producer.

Video Editing Services

$175 per hour per editor.

Commercial/Promotional Videography

Prices vary. Please contact to schedule a meeting to discuss your project.

Model Release Form

UC San Diego’s official model release form can be used to document an individual’s consent to be photographed or filmed. For guidance about when use of the model release is required, please contact Campus Counsel.

Model Release Form