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University Communications operates two studios on campus. The studios are available on a recharge basis to faculty and staff. Top-of-the-line Sony cameras, cinema quality lenses, professional audio, a green screen and a teleprompter are just a few of the features that help us deliver the highest quality content to our colleagues. Students: The Media Teaching Lab offers production studios and editing bays in the Media Center/Communications building (MCC) for student use.

Studio West

Studio West is conveniently located in the northwest corner of campus in Torrey Pines Center North. Complimentary parking is available.


  • Television and radio connections.
  • Podcast recording.
  • Video and audio recording.

Studio East

Our larger 1500 sq. ft. studio and production facility is conveniently located on the UC San Diego School of Medicine Campus.


  • Video and audio recording with configurable sets.
  • Green screen recording.
  • Video and audio recording.
  • Executive video recording.


Media Interviews

Both studios are fully equipped for live and pre-recorded interviews with television and radio media. We regularly collaborate with producers from CNN, NPR, CBS Evening News, BBC Radio and more, telling the stories of student success, groundbreaking research, economic development and community engagement. We encourage faculty and staff members to work closely with the communication professionals assigned to their school for coordination and guidance.


University Communications offers podcast recording services in Studio West. The studio is soundproof and recording and teleconferencing equipment is available.

Photo and Video Shoots

Studio West is a great location for simple photo and video shoots when a great deal of space is not needed. The studio is equipped with professional lighting and backdrops and is soundproof.


Studio Ten 300 and Studio East are available weekdays from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Pre-booking is recommended to ensure that staff is available, but short-notice requests are accommodated when possible.

For more information about studio capabilities, booking or other questions, email